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"B" is for Baby Crochet Book
"I Can Quilt!" Book
"Teach Me" PC Book
"Teach Me" to Long Stitch PC Book
1 Hour Baby Gifts Crochet Book
1 Hour Kitchen Gifts Crochet Book
1,001 decoration Ideas Craft Book 16
1-Day Collars! Crochet Book
10 X 13 PC Fireplace Pattern
1016 Elephant Lion Laundry Bags Vintage Sewing Pattern
1167 China Boy Susie Sammy Monkey Bean Bag Vintage Sewing Patter
12 hour afghans Crochet Book
121 Cards for All Occasions Craft Book
121 Cards for All Occasions Scrapbooking Book
1464 Doll Body & Dress 30" Boudoir Doll Sewing Pattern
160 - Bean Bags Duck Pig Panda Puppy Vintage Sewing Pattern
1693 Doll Body & Clothes 30" Boudoir French Doll Sew Pattern
1738 Clothes 30" Boudoir Doll Sew Pattern
1765 Costumes Doll 30" Boudoir Doll Sew Pattern
1776M Clothes Boudoir 30" Doll Sewing Pattern
1777M Negligee Dance Set Boudoir 30" Doll Sew Pattern
1828 Costumes Boudoir 30" Doll Sewing Pattern
2 Layer Birthday Cake - 3" tall PC Pattern
2137 Bunny Twins 12 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
2342T The Teddy Patwork Bear Vintage Sewing Pattern
2378 Owl Petal Pillow 18" Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
2402 Pineapple Affan in Puff Stitch 70L x 56 W Vintage Crochet P
2458T Dress Up Teddy Bear 16 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
2459T Mother Goose Pillow or Toy Vintage Sew Pattern
2490T Patchwork Puppy 12 Long Vintage Sew Pattern
254 T Toy Pony 12 Wide x 10 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
2552T KoKo Koala Bear Vintage Sewing Pattern
2589 TV Pony Vintage Sew Pattern
2645T Mr & Mrs Bunny Sock Doll Vintage Sewing Pattern
2739 TV Pony 20 Long Vintage Sew Pattern
288 Butterfly Trim Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
3 Dozen & One Bookmarks Crochet Book
310 Irish Rose Medallion Vintage Crochet Pattern
35 Ribbon 'n Lace Projects Craft Book
35 Ribbon 'n Lace Projects Sewing Book
35-0 Costume 30" Boudoir Doll Sewing Pattern
391N Humpty 9 Tall and Dumpty 4 34 Tall Doll Vintage Sew Pattern
4 X 4 Charmers Sew Book
4" Easter Bonnet Pattern
407 Teddy Bear 16 Tall Vintage Sewing Pattern
438 Clothes 30" Boudoir Doll Sewing Pattern
439 Costume 30" Boudoir Doll Sew Pattern
481 Owl Wall Hanging 10x21 Vintage Crochet Pattern
5" tall 3-Layer Wedding Cake Pattern
50 Thrifty instant home decor ideas Craft Book
5003 Chef Clown Coffee Cover Crochet Vintage Pattern
501 Sewing Secrets Book
5061 Basic Granny Afghan 46x64 & Slipper Vintage Crochet Pattern
5129 Country Bunnies 26 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
5131 Knitted Slippers with Crochet Soles Vintage Crochet Pattern
5142 Country Cow 24 Tall Vintage Sewing Pattern
520 Clothes French Boudoir 30" Bed Doll Sewing Pattern
521 Sleeping Cat 11 12 Long on Quilted Pad Vintage Sew Pattern
525 Slip On & Slingback Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
541 Crochet Apron Vintage Reprint Pattern
54M Doll Body & Clothes Boudoir 36" or 38" Sew Pattern
5531 Afghan Square Slippers S,M, Lg sizes Vintage Crochet Patter
5533 Sling Heel Slippers Sz 7-10 Knitting Vintage Pattern
5594T Lovable Teddy Bear 32" Tall Vintage Sewing Pattern
562 Circus Elephant Hassock Vintage Sew Pattern
5799T Turtle Pajama Bag or Toy 15 Vintage Sew Pattern
6" Carocusel Pattern
6" Musical Gazebo Pattern
6931 Kitty Cat Vintage Sewing Pattern
698 Monkey Doll 9 12 Tall Sitting Vintage Sewing Pattern
70 Garden Decoration Ideas Craft Book
7309 Hassock Horse Vintage Sew Pattern
7323 Cat Bed 18 with Toy Mouse Vintage Crochet Pattern
794 Cat Mascot with Bow 16 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
8301 Bud & Sis Pot Holders Crochet Vintage Pattern
8304 Ballerina Dress Dishcloth Crochet Vintage Pattern
839 Smocked TV Turtle Hassock Vintage Sew Pattern
892 Wild Rose Dahlia PotHolders Vintage Crochet Pattern
9380 Coffee Cups Potholder Crochet Vintage Pattern
99 Ideas for Doily Crafts Book
A Beginner's Guide to FAUX FINISHES Book
A Beginner's Guide to Floral Arranging Craft Book
A Beginner's Guide To Plaster Crafting by Patsy David Book
A Country Welcome Plastic Canvas
A Crocheter's guide to Knitting Crochet Book
A Decorative Collection BK 2 Book
A Decorative Collection Painting Book
A Dozen Mile-A-Minute Placemats Tablerunners Crochet Book
A dozen n one Tunisian Crochet Book
A Frieze of Friars Cross Stich Pattern
A Garden of Baby Afghans Crochet Book
A Love We Share Painting Book
A Medley of Victorian Wall Hats Craft Book
A Night in Bethlehem Craft Book
A Painter's Emporium Painting Book
A Paper Bag Christmas Craft Book
A Pocket of Posies Cross Stitch Pattern
A Quiet Book "How To Sew
A Quilter's Christmas Quilting Book
A Rainbow of Quilts Book
A Room Full Of Gleafuls Craft Book
A Sheep Book Craft
A Small Circle of Friends Craft Book
A Teddy Bear Family Tree Book
A Tisket, A Tasket A Homespun Basket Paint Book
A to Z Letter and Animals Craft Book
A World of Designs with Styrofoam Book
A Year of Afghans Book Ten Crochet Book
A Year of Bows Craft Book
A Year of Memory Album Pages Craft Book
A1 Two Tone Pompon Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
A2 Dove Centerpiece Vintage Crochet Pattern
A2 T Strap Slippers Sm, Med, Lg Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
A3-28 Kimono Fashion Doll 11 12 Vintage Crochet Pattern
A3-46 Daisy Lace Doily 14" Vintage Crochet Pattern
A3-52 Poodle Door Stop Doll Vintage Crochet Pattern
A5932 Irish Rose Afghan 48x64 Vintage Crochet Pattern
Abaca-Dabra Craft Books
Absolutely Gorgeous Baby Afghans Book 2 Crochet Book
Absolutely Gorgeous Book 2 Crochet Book
Absolutely Gorgeous Sentimental Shells Crochet Book
Accent on Borders Crochet Book
Accent pillows Crochet Book
Accent Rughs Crochenit Book
Accent Rugs Book
Adorable Baby Clothes Crochet Book
Advent Calendar Cross Stitch Pattern
Advent Calendar PC Pattern
Afghan Varigations Crochet Book
Afghans by the Dozen Ripples, Crochet Book
Afghans for Kids Crochet Book
Afghans to Give Crochet Book
Afghans With Flair Crochet Book
Air Freshener Beauties Crochet Book
Air Freshener Pillow Dolls Digest Book
Albums & Boxes & Frames, oh My! Craft Book
Aleen's NEW Ideas With Transer-it Craft Book
Aleene's Angel Too! Craft Book
Aleene's Craft Fashions To Make and Wear
Aleene's Crafts With Aleen's Hot Stiche Fusible Web Craft Book
Aleene's Decoratiing Wooden Images the Easy Way Craft Book
Aleene's Embellished Decor for the Bath Craft Book
Aleene's Embellished Decor for the Bath II Craft Book
Aleene's Fantastic Plastic For Kids Craft Leaflet
Aleene's Forged Foil Craft Book
Aleene's Kids Projects Craft Book
Aleene's New Ideas with Fabric Stiffe Craft Book
Aleene's Shrink-it Project for kids Craft Book
Aleene's The Look of Copper Enameling Craft Book
Aleene's The Look of Metal with Burnt Brown Grocery Bag Craft Bo
Aleene's The Shirt Of My Back Craft Book
Aleene's Transfer-it Craft Leaflet
Alene's Home Dec Doodles Craft Book
Alenne's Stencil Story Book Craft Book
Alicia Again Painting Book
Alicia's Collectables Painting Book
All American Santa Cross Stitch Pattern
All Around You Craft/Painting Book
All That Shimmers Craft Book
All Wrapped Up Coordianted Gift Wrap Set Book
All Wrapped Up Craft Book
Alphabet Children Cross Stitch Pattern Book
Amazing Mosaic Patchwork Quilt Book
Amazing Rings Afghans Book
Amazing Rings Afghans Tatting Book
American Log Cabin 6wx7hx5"D Plastic Canvas Pattern
An American Celebration Crochet Book
Angel Bell PC Pattern
Angel Choir PC Book
Angel Dolls Dresses 13" Doll Crochet Book
Angel Dress 11 1/2" Fashion Doll Dress Pattern
Angel Music Box PC Pattern
Angel of Joy/ Starry Santa Plastic Canvas Pattern
Angel Ornaments in a Hurry Craft Book
Angel Tree Topper Fshion Doll PC Pattern
Angelic Delights Book 1 Craft Book
Angelic Door Stop PC Pattern
Angelic Elegance Cross Stitch Pattern
Angelic Ladies 3 Sizes Crochet Book
Angelic Ornaments Cross Stitch Pattern
Angels and Evergreens Pillow Cross Stitch Pattern
Angels of Gold Craft Book
Angels Pillow Cross Stitch Pattern
Animal Circus Hangers PC Pattern
Animal House Numbers Plastic Canvas
Annabelle 15" Doll Outfit Crochet Pattern
Annie's Victorian Village Plastic Canvas Book
Annual Bride 1993 Edition Crochet Pattern
Anyone Can Paint Noteboards Book
Anything Goes With Styrofoam Craft
Apple Advent Calendar Plastic Canvas Pattern
Apple Tree Miniature Quil Sewing Patern
Apples for the Teacher PC Book
Applique Fold Over Butterfly Potholders 6-7 Long Vintage Sew Pat
Apron Classic Birds Cross Stitch Pattern
Architectural Decor Craft Book
Argyle Mug PC Pattern
Ark Stocking PC Pattern
AromaGel A Rainbow of Fragrances Craft Book
Artistically Yours # 87 Book
Arts & Crafts June 2003 Craft Book
As the Crow Flies Paint Book
Aunt Shirley's Christmas Workshop Craft Book
Autumn By Joyce Bennett Craft Booklet
B161-12 Sports Outfits 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Knitting Pattern
B161-16 Hawaiian Muu Muus 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Crochet Patter
B161-18 Party Belles 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Crochet Pattern
B161-20 Bridesmaid Dress 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Crochet Pattern
B161-24 Ballerina Dress Size 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Crochet Pat
B161-26 Tea Time Clothes 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Crochet Pattern
B161-28 Play Clothes 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Crochet Pattern
B161-33 Sheath Dress Hat & Coat 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Crochet
B161-4 Bathing Suit 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Knitting Pattern
B161-6 Shorty Pajamas, Robe & Slacks 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Cro
B161-8 Bride Dress 8,10,12,19 Doll Vintage Crochet Pattern
Baby Afghans & Bibs Crocht Book
Baby Afghans Crochet Book
Baby Bear Hugs PC Book
Baby Blocks Congratulations Fabric
Baby Bootie Boutique Crochet Book
Baby Booties to Knit & Crochet Book
Baby Boutique Plastic Canvas Pattern
Baby Bunny Nursery Set Crochet Book
Baby Dress By Fibre Craft Quilting Book
Baby Ensembles Crochet Book
Baby Girl & Boy Bears Blue Fabric
Baby Leopard 14 Vintage Sewing Pattern
Baby Leopard 14"
Baby Shoes & Animals Crochet Pattern
Baby Shower Elephant PC Pattern
Baby's Dressin' Fancy Crochet Book
Back to the 50s Panting Book
Bag Holders PC Book
Ballerina Beauties Outfits Crochet Pattern
Ballet Bears PC Book
Balloon Fun For Kids Craft Book
Barb B Q Outfits & Grill Fashion Doll Pattern
Barnful of Puzzles 8x7hx1" Plastic Canvas Pattern
Barnyard Bunch Painting Book
Barnyare Bumpkins Book
Baroque Ornaments Cross Stitch Pattern
Barrel Bliss Craft Book
Basic Book of Weddings Craft Book
Basket of Chick Coasters PC Pattern
Basket of Chickens PC Pattern
Basket Toppers PC Book
baskets & bowls in crochet Book
Baskets 'n Albums Quilting Sewing
Baskets For Baby In Plastic Canvas Book
Baskets In Plastic Canvas Book
Bath Elegance Plastic Canvas Pattern
Bathing Beauty Bath Accessories Fashion Doll
Bathroom Boxes in PC Book
Bathroom Tissue Dolls 6 Designs Crochet Book
Bathroom Tissue Dolls Thread Crochet Book
Bazaar Bestsellers Craft Book
Bazaar PC Book
Be A Sport! Craft Book
Bead Menagerie Craft Book
Beaded Edgings Crochet Book
Beaded NeckCandy Crochet Book
Beaded Ornaments Cross Stitch Pattern
Beaded Picture & Pillow Bands Cross Stitch Pattern
Beaded Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Beany Bellies PC Book
Bear Air Freshener Outfits Crochet Pattern
Bear Sleeping Bag 34 x 67 Vintage Sewing Pattern
Bears In The Kitchen Craft Book
Bears' Bazaar Craft Book
BearWear Craft Book
Beary Christmas Dress Cross Stitch Pattern
beary merry christmas crafty book
Beary Tales Crochet Book
Beautiful Baby Afghans Books
Beautiful Baby Afghans Crochenit Book
Beautiful Bazaar Project, Crochet Book
Beautiful Bed Scarves Crochet Book
Beautiful Yarn Bedspreads Crochet Book
Beauty At your Fingertips Painting Book
Bebop Boutique Book
Beeswax Candles Craft Book
Beginner's Guide to Fabric Frames
Bejeweled Angel Tree Topper PC Pattern
Bells Bells Bells Vol.II Craft Book
Beribboned, Be-laced, Be-lovely Craft Book
Berries & Bows Painting/Cross Stitch Book
Best Bazaar Crafts Book
Best Friends Craft Book
Bewitching Tissue Box Plastic Canvas Pattern
Bible Covers PC Book
Bible Crafts 'n More Craft Book
Big Apple Pajama Case Bag 15 Tall Vintage Sewing Pattern
Big as Life Dolls Craft Book
Bird Kite Vintage Sewing Pattern
Birdhouse Gift Box PC Pattern
Birds & Bees Painting Book
Birds of a Feather I PC Book
Birthday Blankets & Bears V II
Birthday Bookmarks Book
Birthday Bookmarks Tatting Book
Birthstone Angel Ornaments Crochet Book
Birthstone Dolls Crochet Book
Black Folk Doll Craft Boo
Blackberry Love Painting Book
Blackwork Boxes Cross Stitch Pattern
Blankets & Toys Crochet Book
Bless Your Heart Vol. 7 Painting Book
Bloomin' Bunnies (McCall's Creates) Book
Blooming Beauties Craft Book
Blossoms and Bows Craft Book
Blue Country Mittens Cross Stitch Pattern
Blue Country Stocking Cross Stitch Pattern
Blue Denim Dairy (McCall's Creates)
Bluebird Charm Paint Book
Bonnet Babies Sewing Quilting Book
Bonnet Old Fashion Girl Applique Quilt Instructions Vintage Sewi
Boo Buckets Paint Book
Bookends For All Sports PC Book
Bottle Ladies Bridal Party Book
Boutique It Vol IV Paint Book
Boutique It Volume II Painting Book
Boutiue Blossoms Plastic Canvas Pattern
Bow dazzlers Craft Book
Bow-Wow&Meow Bath Set Plastic Canvas Book
Bows Step-By-Step Craft Book
Box Bunnies & Chicks Craft Book
Boxes & Bowls Crochet Book
Boxes of Memories Craft Book
Boy & Girl Turtle Hassock Vintage Sewing Pattern
Boys Crafts 'n More Craft Book
Brass With Class Craft Book
Bridal Creations Craft Book
Bridal Thread Crochet Book
Bright & Fun PC Book
Bringing Home the Tree Cross Stitch Pattern
Brooms & Blooms Craft Book
Brown Bags Craft Book
Brown Bags Craft Book
Brush N Wear With FLair Book
Build a Chenille Dollhouse Craft Book
Bulky Crochet Book
Bunnies For Baby In Plastic Canvas
Bunny Boutique Craft Book
Bunny Rabbit Pajama Bag 20 Vintage Sew Pattern
Buttercup Barnyard Craft Book
Butterfly Coasters PC Book
Button Button Painting Book
Button Magnets Plastic Canvas Book
Buttons and Bows Cross Stitch Pattern
Buttons n Beads Plastic Canvas Book
Buttons, Bows & Calicos Craft Book
Buttons, Bows & Cameos Victorian Fashions Craft Book
BW 282 Felt Fabric Bunny 9 x 6 Vintage Sew Pattern
BW277 Oriental Slippers Med Size Vintage Sew Pattern
By The Sea Plastic Canvas Book
C Is fro Cat Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Cabbage Roses Plastic Canvas Pattern
Cache Critters Crochet Book
Calendar Kids Crochet Book
Calendars to Mix and Match Painting Book
Calico & Country #2 Quilt Painting Book
Calico Critters Crib Quilt Cat Cross Stitch Pattern
Camp and Club Crafts
Camp Crafts 'N More Craft Book
Can-Do Crafting Book
Candle Crafting Craft Book
Candle Cup Characters Painting Book
Candle Cup Christmas Craft Book
Candle Scaping Craft Book
Candlelight Weddings & Church Docor Craft Book
Candlestick Santas Paint Book
Candlewicking in Color Craft Book
Candlewicking Monograms w 3 Floral Craft Book
Candy Critters PC Book
Canvas Catch-alls and more! Craft Book
Caps & Kickers Painting Book
Carolers Cross Stitch Pattern
Carousel Hores PC Book
Cascading Bouquets Cross Stitch Pattern
Casserole Carrier Vintage Sew Pattern
Casserole Covers
Casserole Covers Tatting Book
Casual To Classic Crochet Book
Casual Western Craft Book
Cat & Dog Spare Roll Cover Vintage Sew Pattern
Cat Dog Heart Potholders 6 Vintage Sewing Pattern
Cat Fancy Cross Stitch Pattern
Cat In, Cat out Plastic Canvas Pattern
Cathy Embroidery Transfers Craft Book
Celebrate With Chenille Craft Book
Celestial Messengers Angel PC Pattern
Celestial Santa Ornament PC Pattern
Celtic Crochet Accessories Crochet Book
Celtic Crochet Home Accessories, Crochet Book
Chainlink Afghans & Pillows Crochet Book
Chair Sets in Thread Crochet Book
Chameleon For a Change Painting Book
Charming Boudoir
Charming Boudoir Tatting Book
Cheery Cardinal & Chickadee Plastic Canvas Pattern
Chenille Christmas Country Basket Craft Book
Chenille Doilies Crochet Book
Chenille For All Seasons Craft Book
Chenille Holidy Charmes Craft Leaflet
Chenille Party Favors Craft Book
Chenille Project for Christmas Craft Leaflet
Chenille Seasonal Sensations Craft Book
Chenille Sweaters Crochet Book
Cherry Blossom Quilting Pattern
Cherubs & Angels Craft Booklet
Chess Mates Plastic Canvas Pattern
Chicken Coop Cardigans (McCall's Creates)
Chicken Rooster Pot Holders 7 Vintage Sewing Pattern
Chicken Tea Cozy Vintage Sew Pattern
ChickStuff Bottom Lines, Crochet Book
Child's Bear Shoe Bag Vintage Sewing Pattern
Child's Play PC Book
Childrens Toy Ideas Made With FashionEase Plastic Canvas Book
Childs Hat Bonnet 2 Styles Size 21 (21) Vintage Sewing Pattern
Childs Play Doll Crochet Book
Christmas 3-D Fabric Podge 21 Projects Craft Book
Christmas 3-D Fabric Podge Quilting Book
Christmas Advent Calendar PC Pattern
Christmas Angels In PC Book
Christmas Bells, Crochet Book
Christmas By Joyce Bennett Craft Leaflet
Christmas Candle Tissue Cover PC Pattern
Christmas Card Boxes Cross Stitch Pattern
Christmas Chenille-IMA Craft Leaflet
Christmas Cherubs Cross Stitch Pattern
Christmas Coasters Bells Cross Stitch Pattern
Christmas Collection Craft Book
Christmas Cows PC Book
Christmas Crystal Reflections Craft Book
Christmas Dreams Santa Cross Stitch Pattern
Christmas Folk Quilting Sewing Book
Christmas Ideas Made with FashionEase Plastic Canvas Book
Christmas in Fantasy Forest Craft Book
Christmas In Pineapples, Crochet Book
Christmas In Silhouette Cross Stitch Pattern
Christmas Joy Crochet Book
Christmas Keepsakes Cross Stitch Pattern
Christmas Majic PC Book
Christmas Ornaments Cross Stitch Pattern Book
Christmas Ornaments in a Hurry Craft Book
Christmas Sit EMS Crochet Book
Christmas Stockings
Christmas Sweatshirts Quilt Book
Christmas Tic Tac Toe Game PC Pattern
Christmas Tree Ornaments PC Book
Christmas Tree Wreath Petals Vintage Sew Pattern
Cindy Doll Delights Crochet Book
Cindy,s Country Painting Book
Circle of Seasons Blanket Dress
Classic Beauties Iron-on Transfers Craft Book
Classic White Afghans Crochet Book
Classy Canvas II PC Book
Classy Capes & Cloaks, Crochet Book
Classy Shirts and Other Stuff Craft Book
Claveles Rosados PK Book
Clay Pot Huggies Plastic Canvas Book
Clearly Mosaics Craft Book
Clever Characters
Clock Maker's Work Book
Clothespin Crafting Craft Book
Clothespin Crafts Book
Clown Head Vintage Crochet Pattern
Clownin Around PC Pattern
Clowns Fibre- Craft
Clowns Fibre- Craft
Collars From Doilies and Table Linens Craft Book
Color Me Patches Book
Color Mist Creations Painting Book
Color Placement Craft Book
Color-Me-Cute BABY Afghans, Crochet Book
Colorful Quilt Block Table Mats PC Book
Colorful Toaster Lady Cover Vintage Sew Reprint Pattern
Concho Art Wear
Constance Crochet Doll Pattern
CookBook Scrapbook (McCall's Creates) Book
Cookie & Candy Crafting Book
Cookie Chain Santa Gingerbread PC Pattern
Cookie Cutters Craft Book
Cookie Jar Tag/Cat In Out Sign Plastic Canvas Pattern
Cool Ca$h Bank$ PC Book
Cool Foam Stuff Craft Book
Cool Kids Crafts Book
Cool Soap Stuff Craft Book
Cool Stuff "Teach Me To Crochet" Book
Cool Stuff Jazzy Jean Jackets Craft Book
Cool Stuff Tie-Dyed Shirts Craft Book
Cool Summer Sweaters Crochet Book
Coordinating lace Papers Craft Book
Copperqu'e Classics Craft Book
Costume Party Masks, Crochehet Books
Cottage Collection in Pllastic Canvas Book
Cotton Baby Sweaters, Crochet Book
Cotton Separates Crochet Book
Couch Potatoes PC Book
Country Bedroom & Bath Craft Book
Country By Hand Sewing Quilting Book
Country By the Pound Craft Book
Country Capers Book
Country Classics Rooster & Hen CP Quilting Sewing Book
Country Critters Sewing Quilting Book
Country Felt Projects Quilting Sewing Book
Country Fresh Paint Book
Country Gritter Zoo Craft Book
Country Jar Covers Cross Stitch Pattern
Country Keeper Keepsakes Craft Leaflet
Country Kitchen & Dining Room Craft Book
Country Living Room Craft Book
Country Mouse 18 Tall Vintage Sewing Pattern
Country Mouse 18" Tall Vintage Sewing Pattern D504
Country Organizer Cross Stitch Pattern
Country Paper Craft Book
Country Pieces of Paint Book
Country Plaid Place Settings, Crochet Book
Country Quilt Baskets Plastic Canvas Pattern
Country Rose Hostess Set Crochet Book
Country Sunshine Paint Book
Country Things In Plastic Canvas Book
Country Tissue Box Covers PC Book
Country Western Dolls Crochet Book
Country Wood Projects Craft Book
Country Woodtime Craft Book
Cover Up Doll 8 Vintage Sew Pattern
Covered Buttons Cross Stitch Pattern
Cow Caddy Plastic Canvas Pattern
Cows Cross Stitch Pattern Ma Pa Face Rear Side Views
Coyote Cover Up Plastic Canvas Pattern
Cozy Collection Cross Stitch Pattern
Cozy Cottage Quilting Book
Cozy Creations Craft Book
Cozy Crocheted Slippers, Crochet Book
Craft Decorator Boutique Craft Book
Craft Designs Book
Craft Foam Series Kid's Room Book
Craft Foam Tree Whimsies Craft Book
Craft Menagerie Craft Book
Craft Stick Fun Book 2
Craft Straws and Mini-Bales Made Easy Crafty Book
Craft's Kids Can Do Book
Crafting through the Holidays Paint Book
Crafting with Candles Craft Book
Crafting With Cracked Ice Book
Crafts for Groups Kid's Krafts Series Mrs. Putter Book
Crafts For ReSale Craft Book
CraftWax Creation Craft Book
Crafty Christmas Characters Wit Felt Craft Book
Crafty Circles Volume 1 PC Book
Crafty Soft Sculptures
Crafty Ways With Wood Cut-Outs Book
Crazy About Country Craft Book
Crazy About Country Quilting Sewing Book
Cream The Crop Paint Book
Create Memory Books The Easy Way Craft Book
Create Your Own Christmas Tree Craft Book
Create-A-Costoume Craft Book
Creations Fast Fun & Easy PC Book
Creative Caged Ornaments Craft Booklet
Creative Collage for Home Decor Craft Book
Creative Crafter Book
Creative Crafts Christmas Annual Book
Creative Crayons Plastic Canvas Pattern
Creative Friends Vol 1 Paint Book
Creative Fun With Art Tissue Book
Creative Projects For Plastic Canvas Book 2
Creative Projects For Plastic Canvas Book 3
Creative Twist Faux Fruit Craft Book
Creative twist Some Bunney Loves You! Craft Leaflet
Creative Twist Your Beautiful Doll Valume II Craft Leaflet
Creature Feature Craft Book
Crepe Magic Craft Book
Crested Throw Cross Stitch Pattern
Croche Trims for Tops Book
Crochenit Fashions Book
Crochenit Fashions Book
Crochet & Knit Favorites V2 Crochet Book
Crochet Afghans, Crochet Book
Crochet African Outfits Paterns
Crochet Basics, Crochet Book
Crochet Bear Santa Pattern
Crochet Capers Book
Crochet Catch-Alls Book
Crochet Celebrations Book
Crochet Charmers Book
Crochet Cherubs Book
Crochet Christmas Trimmings Crochet Book
Crochet Clown Doll Cute 13 Vintage Pattern
Crochet Coats Book
Crochet Confections Book
Crochet Darlings Book
Crochet Navaho Indian Oufit Pattern
Crochet on the Double Book
Crochet Puppets Book
Crochet Toyland Book
Crochet Village Pattern
Crocheted Animal Infants Book
Crocheted Bits & Pieces Book 2
Crocheted Bits & Pieces Book 4
Crocheted Christmas Dolls Book
Crocheted Favorites, Crochet Book
Crocheted Playmates on Parade
Crocheted Pullovers, Crochet Book
Cross Currents Painting Book
Cross Stitch Creatures Pattern
Cross Stitch Marionette Pattern
Crystal Candles Craft Book
Crystal Shape Shoppe Craft Book
Cuddle Capes & Blankies, Crochet Books
Cuddle-Me Layettes, Crochet Books
Cuddle-Up Lapghans Crochenit Book
Cuddle-Up Lapghans Crochet Book
Cuddly Mile-A-Minutes, Crochet Book
Cuddly Toys 7 Kitten Puppy 9 Bunny Vintage Sew Pattern
Cupie Do's Felt and Fabric Craft Leaflet
Curling Ribbon Holiday Accents Crochet Book
Curling Ribbon Home Accents, Crochet Book
Customize Your Home with Crafts Book
Cute "N" Clever Coaster Sets PC Book
Cute & Cozy Crochet Book
Cute 16 Elephant Pajama Doll Hard to Find Vintage Sew Pattern
Cute Can Covers PC Book
Cute Cowhands (McCall's Creates) Craft Book
Cute Kitties Plastic Canvas Pattern
Cute Wittle Woodsies Craft Book
D 7094 3 American Flags 5 Sizes Each Vintage Crochet Pattern
D1006 Easy Slippers Shoe Size 6 12 Only Vintage Crochet Pattern
D420 Bride Doll Napkin Caddy Vintage Crochet Pattern
D474 Sling Back or Flowered Trimmed Slippers Vintage Crochet Pat
D594 Afghan 50x65 Vintage Crochet Pattern
D619 Baskets 7 12 Tall Crochet Reprint Vintage Pattern
D644 Leg Snuggies Vintage Crochet Pattern
D658 Filet Crochet Rose Square Tablecloth Vintage Reprint Patter
D7011 16" Puppy Dog with Overalls and Shirt Vintage Sew Pattern
D7018 Pineapple w Daisy Baskets Crochet Vintage Pattern
D7034 Umbrella Planter Crochet Vintage Pattern
D7044 High and Low Top Slippers Sm, Med, Lg sizes Vintage Croche
D7045 Doll Tissue Topper Soap Holder Crochet Vintage Pattern
D7068 Cat Dog Plant Hangers Crochet Vintage Mail Order Pattern
D7068 Cat Dog Plant Hangers Crochet Vintage Mail Order Pattern
D7077 Fringed Slippers S,M, Lg Sizes Vintage Crochet Pattern
D7101 Pansy Rose Flowers Crochet Vintage Pattern
D7119 Afghan 48x66 & Pillow Top 18 Square Vintage Crochet Patter
D7149 Slipper Boots S, M, Lg Size Vintage Crochet Pattern
D7158 Granny Square Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
D7213 Owl Planters Crochet Vintage Pattern
D7235 Slipper Boots Hight Top Vintage Crochet Pattern
D7284 Cat Puppy Soap Holders Crochet Vintage Pattern
D7331 Cup & Saucer, Vase Crochet Vintage Pattern
D7339 Swan Planter Sewing Basket Crochet Vintage Pattern
D7353 Short or Long Boot Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
D7417 Swan 7x13 Long Centerpiece Crochet Vintage Pattern
D7435 Two Styles of Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
D7480 Loopy Style Slippers S,M,Lg Sizes Vintage Crochet Pattern
D7489 Flower Medallion Afghan 52x65 & Pillow Cover Vintage Croch
D7492 Sunbonnet Girl Pot Holder Crochet Vintage Pattern
D754 Chicken Bun Warmer Egg Cozy Crochet Vintage Pattern
D757 Snowflake Afghan 60x75 Vintage Crochet Pattern
D760 Irish Rose Afghan 60x78 & Pillow 22x24 Vintage Crochet Patt
D772 Cat Bunny Poodle Soap Crochet Vintage Pattern
D789 Afghan Fan Pattern & Pillow Vintage Crochet Pattern
D811 His Her Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
D835 Cuddle Flat Toys Duck Bear Rabbit/Bunny Dog 6-8" Tall Vinta
D869 Dove Planter 10x5 Tall Crochet Vintage Pattern
D876 Child's Slippers Cat Dog Sz 4-12 Vintage Crochet Pattern
D876 Child's Slippers Cat Dog Sz 4-12 Vintage Crochet Pattern
D963 Frog Owl Plant Hangers Crochet Vintage Pattern
D994 Ladies Men's and Children's Slippers Vintage Knit Pattern
Daisy & Rose Florals
Damask Pillows Cross Stitch Pattern
Dandy Dinosaurs/Homeon the Range Plastic Canvas Pattern
Dapper Snowman PC Pattern
Darice Baby Billy Kewpie Doll and Bonnie Bunny Crochet Patterns
Darice Dorf Dolls Book
Darice Dorf dolls V2 Quilting Book
Darice John, Jean, Angela Doll, Bed Pillow and RaspBery Girl Cro
Darice Santa and His Helpers Crochet Dolls Pattern
Darice Stephanie Doll Sewing Quilting Book
Darice TroubleMaker & Mickey Monkey Crochet Dolls Pattern
Darling Dolls to Crochet Book
Dazzling Dishcloths
Decorate for the Seasons Craft Book
Decorate With Afghans, Crochet Book
Decoratiing With Stenciling Painting Book
Decorating for Christmas Quilt Book
Decorating Victorian, Crochet Book
Decorating with Fabrics Sewing Book
Decorationg Fabrics with Stamp Decor Paint Book
Decorations Fo Parties & Holidays Craft Book
Decorative Baskets Folk Art Painted Baskets of All Kinds Craft B
Decorative Baskets Painting Book
Decorative Doiles, Crochet Book
Decorative Doorstops in Plastic Canvas
Decorative Mache
Decorative Screen Doors For all Occasions Craft Leaflet
Decorative Tin Punch Craft Book
Decorator Magnets To Make Craft Book
Decoupage Projects For Personalizing
Decoupage You Garage Sale Finds Craft Book
Decoupoge Under Glass Craft Book
Delicate Doilies PC Book
Delicate Mini Doilies, Crochet Book
Delightful Dolls: A Charming Crochet Collection Book
Deluxe Gift Boxes PC Pattern
Design Potpourri PC Book
Designing Dots #1 Paint Book
Designing Dots #2 Paint Book
Designing Dots #3 Paint Book
Desk Accessories PC Book
Desparate Crochet Book
Diamonds and Stars Galore Cross Stitch Pattern
Dimensional Decoupage
Dinosaur Park PC Book
Distinctive Doilies Book
Distinctive Doilies Tatting Book
Distinguished Diamonds, Crochet Book
Do It With Doilies Craft Book
Do-Dads shelves & dolls Vol One Panting Book
Do-Dads V II Paint Book
Doggie Divas & Dandies, Crochet Book
Doilies in Bloom, Crochet Book
Doilies That Warm the Home Craft Book
Doilies with Charm, Crochet Book
Doilies, Crochet Book
Doily Decor, Crochet Book
Doily Medley
Doily Purse, Crochet Book
Doll (hockey) Tissue Coverups Crochet Book
Doll Babby Pattern Book
Doll Collection Craft Book
Doll Crochet Classics Book
Doll Delights In Crochet Book
Doll Mixer Cover12 12T Vintage Reprint Sewing Pattern
Doll Owl Bird & More Tree Ornaments 5-6" Tall Vintage Sew Patter
Doll Shop Crochet Book
Doll Tissue Roll Cover Vintage Hand Sewing Pattern
Doll Toaster Cover Copy Sewing Pattern
Doll Toaster Cover7 12 Vintage Reprint Sewing Pattern
Dolls & Clothes On Parade Pattern Book
Dolls By Mary Seiggireid Craft/Painting Book
Dolls for Fun & Function Craft Book
Dolls of the Month Plastic Canvas Book
Dolls of The World
Dolls on Parade Book
Dolls to Crochet Book
Dolly Dearest Painting Book
Dolly Dress Up Crochet Book
Dolly's Pretty Pillows Cross Stitch Pattern
Doo-Dads Paint Book
Door Charmser For All Seasons Craft Book
Door Guard PC Pattern
Doorknob Covers, Crochet Book
Doorstop Crochet Book
Doorstop Gardens PC Book
Dots to Knots Candlewicking Craft Book
Double-Delight Afghans, Crochet Book
Double-Delight Afghans, Crochet Book
Double-Delight Afghans, Crochet Book
Down Home Draft Dodgers PC Book
Dozens of Dolls Craft Book
Dozing Lion Pajama Bag 19" Long Vintage Sew Pattern
Draped Nativity Craft Book
Dream Houses Stepping Stone Quilt Series Quilting Book
Dress Up Tees II Paint Book
Dressed Up Countryside Critters Craft Book
Dressed Up Dolls Book
Dressed Up Wire Rings Craft Book
Dressing Up Teddy Craft Book
Dressy Dresses 1
Dressy Dresses 4
Dried Floral Fancies Craft Book
Dried Flower Fantasy Craft Book
Dried Flowers With Flair Craft Book
Drummer Boy Gift Bag Cross Stitch Pattern
Duck Pin Gala Painting Book
Duck Pin tm Menagerie Paint Book
Ducky Duck Pins Painting Book
Dumplin Dolls Craft Book
Duster Dolls & More Crochet Book
Dynamic Decor Afghans, Crochet Book
Easter Basket Boutique Plastic Canvas Pattern
Easter Egg Party Plastic Canvas Book
Easter Playthings to Crochet Book
Easter Welcome Bunny Plastic Canvas Pattern
Easy Applique Designer Shirts Paint Book
Easy All Glue Applique Craft Book
Easy Clocks Paint Book
Easy Cuddly Critters Book
Easy Cuddly Critters Crochenit Book
Easy Gifts and Ornaments Craft Book
Easy Lapghans & Pillows Crochet Book
Easy Make-overs for Outdoor Furniture Craft Book
Easy Make-overs for Outdoor Furniture Craft/Painting Book
Easy Place Mats & Trivets Book
Easy Place Mats & Trivets Crochenit Book
Easy To Duplicats Sal Designs Craft Book
Easy Tunisian Crochet Weekend Sweater, Crochet Book
Easy-to-Make Stuffed Dinosaurs Book
Economy Quilt Round Pillows Vintage Sewing Pattern
Edgings & Insertions Crochet Book
Edgings Unlimeted Tatting Book
Edgings Unlimited Book
Egg Carton Flowers Craft Book
Egg-Citing Paint Book
EggHeads Paint Book
elegant christmas Decorations Craft Leaflet
Elegant Doilies, Crochet Book
Elegant Spool Craft Book
Elephant 9x8" Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
Elephant Lion Laundry Bags Vintage Sewing Pattern
Elephant Pajama Bag Vintage Sew Pattern
Elf Stockings Cross Stitch Pattern
Embellishments for Rubber Stamp Art
Embossing & Painting Quilts of the States Book
Enchanting & Elegant Ladices Tatting Book
Enchanting & Elegant Ladies Book
Especially Vanessa Ann Pillows Cross Stitch Pattern
Etch Bath Book
Eternity Shawls Crochet Book
Evergreen Tree Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Everlasting Joy Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Everyday Cookie Keepers & Gifts Craft Book
Everyday Gift Bag Toppers PC Book
Excelsion Country Fair Craft Leaflet
Exquisite Sachets Tatting Book
Exquistite Sachets Book
Eye Catching Cover Plastic Canvas Pattern
Eyelet Suit Fashion Doll
Fabric Adorned Fashions Paint Book
Fabric Forgt Me Not Fashions Craft Book
Fabric Homuse Warmings Paint Book
Fabric Lampshades Sewing Quilting Book
Fabric Mice Craft Book
Fabric Mice Sewing Book
Fabric Painting Book
Fabric Protectors Book
Fabrications Quilting Book
Fabulous Fabric Albums Quilting Book
Fabulous Fabric-Woven Baskets
Fabulous Faux Finishes Paint Book
Fabulous Fountains Craft Book
Fabulous Fun with Fashion Tape Paint Book
Fair Weather Folks (McCall's Creates) Craft Book
Fairest of the all Craft Book
Fairy Tale Banners Cross Stitch Pattern
Fairytale Wedding, Crochet Book
Family Ornaments (McCall's Creates) Craft Book
FamilyCircle Celebrate the Season Craft Book
Fancy Caps Book
Fancy Eggs Plastic Canvas Book
Fancy Footstools, Crochet Book
Fancy Friends Crochet Book
Fancy That Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Fancywork Stockings Cross Stitch Pattern
Fantastic Wreaths Craft Book
Fantasy Doorhangers, Crochet Book
Fantasy Doorstops, Crochet Book
Fantasyland Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Far-Out Fabrics with Dazzling Dyes Craft Book
Farm Folks Plastic Canvas Pattern
Fashion Accessory Ideas Plastic Canvas Book
Fashion Doll Sewing Book
Fashion Fabrication Paint Book
Fashion Florals Paint Book
Fashion Frills Craft Book
Fashion Gallery II Paint Book
Fashion Gallery Paint Book
Fashion Palette II Paint Book
Fashion Palette Paint Book
Fashion Say It! Craft Book
Fashion Stamping Paint Book
Fashion Statements Book
Fashions "I Can't Believe It's Crochet!" Crochet Book
Fashions for Swet Arts Paint Book
Fashions for Today Paint Book
Fashions From Head to Toe Paint Book
Fast & Fun Doorstops PC Book
Fast &Fun Craft Project Book
Fast and Fun Fusible Bandanas Craft Leaflet
Faster PLaster! 12 Fun & Easy Plaster Projects Craft Book
Faster Plaster! 19 Fun & easy Projects for Kids! Craft Book
Father Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern
Faux Monk Rugs Crochet Book
Fauz Monk Rugs Book
Favorite Bedsprieads, Crochet Book
Favors & Keepsakes Craft Book
Feather Duster Dolls Book
Feel "o" Fleece Variety Crafts Book
Feel o Fleece Christmas Crafts Craft Book
Felt & Pompoms Craft Book
Felt Country Scenes
Felt Fabric Fawn 16 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
Felt Fabric Squirrel 9 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
Felted Crochet Book
Festive Flowers Quilting Book
Festive Foursome Pillows Cross Stitch Pattern
Filet Crochet Table runners and Placemats, Crochet Book
Filet Throws, Crochet Book
Finders Keepers Heart Menders Paint Book
Finders Keepers North By NorthWest Paint Book
Finders Keepers Paint Book
FirePlace Screens & More Painting Book
First Sign of Winter Ducks Cross Stitch Pattern
Flashin Fashion Paint Book
Flashy Silk Floral Fashions Paint Book
Flip-FlopFrenzy Crochet Book
Floor Show, Crochet Book
Floppit 9 12 Tall x 9 Long Vintage Sewing Pattern
Floral & Nature Crafts Mag
Floral Alphabet Iron-On Patterns Books
Floral Coasters Plastic Canvas Book
Floral Dish Cloth Vintage Crochet Pattern
Floral Dishclothes Book
Floral Dishcloths Tatting Book
Floral Doorstop Plastic Canvas Pattern
Floral Edgings, Crochet Book
Floral Flange Pillow Cross Stitch Pattern
Floral Lockets Cross Stitch Pattern
Floral Valet Trays Cross Stitch Pattern
Florals made easy with Garlands Craft Book
Flower Dolls Crochet Book
Flower Felt Pillows 16 Round w Petals
Flower Felt Pillows 16 Round w Petals Vintage Sewing Pattern
Flower Fridgies PC Book
Flower Garden Afghans, Crochet Book
Flower Garden Afghans, Crochet Book
Flower Garden PC Book
Flower Patch Cat 13x10hx2" Plastic Canvas Pattern
Flower Pot Holders, Crochet Book
Flower Vase Quilt 56x91" without Boarder Instructions Vintage Se
Flowerpot Fridgies PC Book
Flowerpot Gift Tag Cross Stitch Pattern
Flowers with Flair Create 14 Arrangements Craft Book
Flurry of Afghans, Crochet Book
Foamcrafting With Styrofoam Bead Rhinestone Book
Folk Art X Book
Folk Banners Cross Stitch Pattern
Folk Fellows Sewing Book
Folk Santas Cross Stitch Pattern
Folk-Art Felt Craft Book
Folksy Felt Craft Book
Folksy Santa Tissue Cover Plastic Canvas Pattern
For Santa Placemat Cross Stitch Pattern
For Somebunny Special Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Book
For the Country Gardener
For the Dressing Table PC Book
For the Kitchen, Crochet Book
For the Sewing Room PC Book
Forster Doll Pin Theate
Four All Seasons Craft Book
Frame Fun PC Book
French Missy Book
Fresh Expressions in Doilies Craft Book
Fresh Fashion Accents, Crochet Book
Fresh Veggies Holders PC Pattern
Fresh-Picker Afghans, Crochet Book
Fridgie Clocks I PC Book
Fridgie Clocks II PC Book
Friendly Village Magnets in Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Frog 14" Octopus 12" Pillows Vintage Sew Pattern
Frog 18 Vintage Sewing Pattern
Frog Hassock 21 Vintage Sew Pattern
Frog Turtle Stuffed Animal Vintage Sew Pattern
From Red Rock Book
From the Prairie A Child's Memories
Frosted Glass Illuminations Book
Frosty Flower Pot Angels (McCall's Craft) Book
Fruit Sampler Miniature Quilt Kit Quilting Book
Ftenciling For Your Home Book
Fun & Fashionable Accents Crochet Book
Fun Booties 0-6Mths Crochet Pattern
Fun For The FalliDays Book
Fun in the Sun Fashion Doll Pattern
Fun Time Bath Mitts Crochet Book
Fun Time Coasters PC Book
Fun with Free-Forum Crochet Book
Fur & Lace Craft Book
Gaarden Signs, Windchimes & Weathervanes Book
Garden Bedrooom & Bath Craft Book
Garden Bunny Folks
Garden Gate Window Shade Cross Stitch Pattern
Garden Kitchen & Dining Room Craft Book
Garden Party Dolls Book
Garden Spot Chairs Craft Book
Gather Rings Craft Book
Geeze Placemat PC Pattern
Gel Candle Craft Book
Gel Jotters Craft Book
Gentle Robin Bluebird/Cardinal Chickadee Plastic Canvas Pattern
Genuine Leather to Ruber Stamp Craft Book
Get Set Go Cycling Cross Stitch Pattern
GGreat Big Beautiful Dolls Craft Book
Giddyup Santa Cross Stitch Pattern
Gift Bags, etc. Paint Book
Gift on a Roll, Crochet Book
Gift Wraps Galore And Party Decor With Art Tissue Craft Book
Gifts of Glass Paint Book
Gifts Of Silk Flowers Craft Book
Gimme A Hug Pattern Book
Gingerbread Boy Girl PC Pattern
Gingerbread Boy Girl PC Pattren
Gingerbread Folk Art Craft Book
Gingerbread Fun Cross Stitch Pattern
Gingerbread Village, Crochet Book
Glamourous Gold Glitter Transfer Ideas Craft Book
Glass Painting Book
Glass with Class Craft Book
Glittering Snowflakes in Thread crochet, Book
Glitz & Glamour Paint Book
Glitz & Glamour Paint Book
Global Home Decor PC Book
Gloria Victoria Baskets Craft Book
Gnomes For the Holidays Paint Book
God Bless You Plastic Canvas Pattern
Going Bandannas Qulting Sewing Book
Goldilocks Pattern
Goodie Bags for Goblins PC Book
Goose & Gander Fashion Parade, Crochet Book
Grandfather Clock PC,Crochet Sofa Bed FD Pattern
Grandma Crochet Doll Pattern
Grandparents Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Granny Square Christmas Afghaans, Crochet Book
Granny Square Dishcloths, Crochet Book
Grape Arbor PC Book
Great Grapes Plastic Canvas Pattern
Great OutDoors Quick & Easy Stenciling Book
Greeting Go Round/Shoolhouse Ntpd Plastic Canvas Pattern
Grizzly Gang PC Book
Guardian Angels PC Book
Gypsies in Rose Cross Stitch Pattern
Hail the Spirit Cross Stitch Pattern
Hair Accessories, Crochet Book
Halloween Spooks Plastic Canvas Pattern
Handkerchief Edgings n Projects Crochet Book
Hang It UP PC Book
Hanging Heart Cross Stitch Pattern
Happy Easter PC Book
Happy Everything Holiday Snowman Cross Stitch Pattern
Happy Face Hats Craft Book
Hardanger Bell Pull Cross Stitch Pattern
Hardanger Heart Cross Stitch Pattern
Hardanger Icicles Cross Stitch Pattern
Hardanger Samler Cross Stitch Pattern
Hat Tricks! Craft Book
Have a Darning Christmas Craft Book
Heart & Home Signs PC Pattern
Heart Woven Craft Book
HeartLand Comforts Book
Heartland Comforts Crochenit Book
Hearts and Flowers Crochet Book
Hearts and More Hearts Cross Stitch Pattern
Heartwarmers Book
Heavenly Bodies Craft Leaflet
Heavenly Massengers Faith Plastic Canvas Book
Heavenly Massengers Grace PC Book
Heavenly Massengers Harmony PC Book
Heavenly Massengers Patience PC Book
Heavenly Messengers Charity Plastic Canvas Book
Heirloom Charm Chair Decor, Crochet Book
Heirloom Pillows, Crochet Book
Heirloom Thred cr baby Crochet Book
Herald Angels Cross Stitch Pattern
Heritage Festival Book
High Tide Beach House Cross Stitch Book
Hispanic Wedding Crochet Pattern
Ho Ho Ho Be Jollly, Crochet Book
Hobby Bear and Friends Cross Stitch Patterns
Hobnail Crochet Book
Holiday Baby Dolls Crochet Book
Holiday Balloonies Craft Book
Holiday Calendar Cross Stitch Pattern
Holiday Calendar PC Book
Holiday Candlesticks PC Book
Holiday Candy Dishes Plastic Canvas Book
HOliday Candy Express Plastic Canvas Book
Holiday Candy Jars Craft Book
Holiday Door Characters PC Book
Holiday Door Darling's PC Book
Holiday Door Hangers, Crochet Book
Holiday Door Toppers PC Book
Holiday DoorBells In Plastic Canvas Book
Holiday Doors PC Book
Holiday Express, Crochet Book
Holiday Feeling Year, round Craft Book
Holiday Goose In Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Holiday Hand-Crafts Fall & Christmas Project Book
Holiday Handkerchiefs Cross Stitch Pattern
Holiday Hugems Crochet Book
Holiday Jar Toppers, Crochet Book
Holiday Lights Plastic Canvas Pattern
Holiday Magnet For Plastic Canvas
Holiday Mat Cross Stitch Pattern
Holiday Mop Magic Craft Book
Holiday Nut Cups Plastic Canvas Book
Holiday Porch Personalities PC Book
Holiday Sea Wreath PC Pattern
Holiday Stick-Ups Plastic Canvas Book
Holiday Time In Plastic Canvas Book
Holiday Tissue Boxes PC Book
Holiday Vests Quilting Book
Holiday Wreaths
Holiday Wreaths Book 7
HOliday Wreaths, Garlinds and Bows Craft Book
Holidays in Motion Wall Hangings PC Book
Hollwood Stars II Crochet Book
Holly Holiday Frame PC Pattern
Holly's Holiday Cupboard Craft Book
Holly's Holiday Cupboard Paint Book
Holy Night Nativity Cross Stitch Pattern
Home Accents in Filet Crochet Book
Home Decor Accents Craft Mag
Home Decor Presents Ceramic Signs, Picks & Chimes
Home Decor Set Plastic Canvas Book
Home Decore Afghans and Dillows, Crochet Book
Home for Christmas Craft Book
Home For Christmas Village PC Book
Home on the Range Plastic Canvas Pattern
Home Sweet Home Letters Cross Stitch Pattern
Homespun Comfort, Crochet Book
Homespun Sachets Cross Stitch Pattern
Hooded Cape PC Fashion Doll Pattern
Horse Collar Pillow 23 Wide x 20 Long Vintage Sewing Pattern
Horse Pincushion Elephant Hanger Bag Apron Rug Gifts Vintage Sew
Horse Pincushion Elephant Hanger Bag Apron Rug Gifts Vintage Sew
Hot Air Balloon ornaments, Crochet Book
Hot Dog Consession Stand Fashion Doll PC Pattern
Hot Fashions To Dye For Paint Book
House Picture Santa Chart Only PC Pattern
How to Crochet on the Double Crochet Book
How to Draw And Paint Craft Book
How To Mosaic Crochet Book
How to Thread Crochet on a Roll, Crochet Book
Hug-A-Bug Crochet Book
Humpty-Dumpty Plastic Canvas Pattern
I Can Crochet 'n' Weave Crocht Book
I can crochet Book
I Can Do That! Book 1 Book
I Can't Believe its Sweatshirts Crochet Book
I Like Cones Just Pine Craft Book
I Made It For You! Craft Book
Ice Cream Cone Ornaments Cross Stitch Pattern
im lookin for pattern
Images of the 90's Paint Book
In Natures Shadow Cross Stitch Pattern
In The Garden PC Book
Indian Maidens Crochet Book
Indian People Turkey PC Pattern
Indian Princess Crochet Pattern
Indian Wedding Veses & Basket PC Book
Inspirational Celebrations, Crochet Book
IR-Resist-Ible Fashions Paint Book
Irish Crochet Doll Book
Iron-on Fashions Embellishing Techniques Paint Book
It's a Knockout Cross Stitch Pattern
It's a Little Baby Girl Thing Crochet Book
It's About Time Clock Cross Stitch Pattern
It's All The Rage! Paint Book
It's in the Bag
It's No Sweat! Paint Book
It's the Cat's Pajamas
Its Play Time Crochet Book
Jack Crochet Pattern
Jane's Calica Country Crafts Book
Jannie's Little Ladies Crochet Book
Jannie's Little Ladies II Crochet Book
Jar Doilies, Crochet Book
Jar Lids In Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Jars for All Seasons Cross Stitch Pattern
Jazz'it Up Craft Book
Jill Bed Doll Pattern
Jill Crochet Pattern
Jingle Bell Buddies
Jolly Jester Cross Stitch Pattern
Jolly Santa 36", Crochet Book
Jones Tones Craft Book
Joy Pillow Cross Stitch Pattern
Jumbo Craft Sticks around the House Leaflet
Jungle Kingdom Cross Stitch Book
Just Baby Boutiques In Plastic Canvas Book
Just For Kids Painting Book
Just Hangin" Around PC Book
Katelyn and Josie Crochet Pattern
Keep On Shuckin Vol II Craft Book
Keep Warm With Waffle Weave Crochet Book
Keepsake Frame 8x9" Plastic Canvas Pattern
Key Keeper Box Plastic Canvas Pattern
Kid Kapers with Felt Craft Book
Kid Konnection Painting Book
Kids Crocheted Ponchos, Crochet Book
Kitchen Angel Dolls (McCall's Creates) Book
Kitchen Decor Crochet Book
Kitchen Decor on the Double Book
Kitchen Quilting Book
Kitchen Set Cross Stitch Pattern
Kitchen Set Plastic Canvas Pattern
Kitchen Sets to Crochet, Book
Kitchen Wisdom Cross Stitch Pattern
Kitchens and Bathrooms Craft Book
Kitten Cat Pajama Bag Vintage Sew Pattern
Kitten Containers Plastic Canvas Book
Kitten Pajama Bag or Pillows Awake or Asleep Vintage Sew Pattern
Kitten Potholders and Basket Vintage Sewing Pattern
Kitten Puppy Yo Yo Padded Vintage Sew Pattern
Kitten Quilt 46" x 57" Instructions Vintage Sewing Pattern
Knit-look Crochet Argyle, Crochet Book
Koala Bears 12 Tall Vintage Sew Reprint Pattern
Koala Mama and Baby Craft pattern
Kountry Kitchen Magnets
Kountry Kitchen Magnets Craft Book
Kountry Kozy Craft Book
Kris & Rudy R. Quilting Sewing Book
L.A. Casual Mix Crochet Book
Lace A La Made Craft Leaflet
Lace Afghans, Crochet Book
Lace Curtains Crochet Book
Lace Vests (4designs) Crochet Books
Laced & Lovely Ribbon Boxes Craft Book
Lacy Granny Afgans, Crochet Book
Lacy Little Angels Cross Stitch Pattern
Lacy Lullabies, Crochet Book
Lacy Table Toppers, Crochet Book
Lady Ester Bear & Friends Book
Lady Ester Bear & Friends Crochenit Book
Lampenschirme (German) Painting Book
Lampshade Covers Plastic Canvas Book
Largely Argyle Stocking Cross Stitch Pattern
Laundry Bag Pajama Bag Boy 22" Tall Vintage Sewing Pattern
learn a stitch crochet dishcloths Crochet Book
Learn Slip Stitch Crochet Book
Learn to Butterfly Loom Craft Book
Learn to crochet In Just One Day Book
Learn to do Surface Stitches Crochet Book
Learn to Make Card & Projects for Christmas Craft Book
Learn to Make Year Round Holiday Cards and Projects Craft Book
Learning Fun Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Leopard Pajama Bag or Laundry Bag 23 Tall Vintage Sewing Pattern
Let's Go Bye- Bye, Crochet Book
Let's Paint! Book
Let's Panint! Book Vol 5 Book
Let's Party Craft Book
Light & Lacy Table Toppers, Crochet Book
Lighthouse Decor PC Book
Like Mother, Like Daughter Knit Book
Lil' Love Chunks Paint Book
Lil' Package Ornaments
Lingerie Envelopes Cross Stitch Pattern
Little Bits Book1 Quilting Book
Little Bits for Christmas Cross Stitch Book
Little Miss Mirror PC Pattern
Little One's Ponchos Crochet Book
Little Piggies/Patio Coasters Plastic Canvas Pattern
Little Skater Cross Stitch Pattern
Little Things Crochet Book
Little Woodsies Craft Book
Living Rooms Craft Book
Log Cabin Placemat PC Pattern
Long Stitch Buddies PC Book
Long Stitch Southwest Tissue Covers Plastic Canvas Book
Looney Tunes Craft Kids Mag
Lop-eared Rabbit Cross Stitch Pattern
Lovable Mopettes
Love Comforts Cross Stitch Pattern
Love that Bag! Crochet Book
Lovely & Lacy Home Decor Crochet Book
Lovely Doilies, Crochet Book
Lovely Lady Hat Pincushions, Crochet Book
Lovely Lingerie Case Cross Stitch Pattern
Lovely Mile-a-Minute Afghans, Crochet Book
Luscious Scrap Afghans Book
Luscious ScrapAfghans Crochet Book
LW 877 Sling Back Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
Lynn Paulin's Wearable Art 2 Craft Book
M'Lady's Boudoir Set, Crochet Book
Magic Gardens Plastic Canvas Book
Magic Mats Craft Book
Magic Show Clown Jester Cross Stitch Book
Magic With Motifs Crochet Book
Magnetic Art Foam Craft Book
Magnets Go Country In Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Magnets Thru The Year PC Book
Make an Ornament Craft Book
Make Another Wish Paint Book
Make It Quick Plastic Canvas Book
Make Yours A Crafty Christmas Book
Making Craftwax Candles Book
Mantel medallion Coss Stitch Pattern
Marry Makers Easy Christmas Foiling Craft Book
Marvelous Mix & Match Afghans, Crochet Book
Mary Rose Stepping Stone quilt Series Quilting Book
Maryelous M Hook Crochet Book
Mat Creations Craft Book
McCall's Crafts Children's Projects Magazen
McCall's Pillows
McCalls' Drafty Snowmen
Me and My Dolly Craft Book
Medallion Slippers Vintage Crochet Pattern
Memorabilities Craft Book
Memories and Special Craft Book
Memories Are Forever (McCall's Creates) Craft Book
Memories Are Made of These Craft Book
Memory Albums Craft Book
Memory Albums Great Cover Up Craft Book
Memory Calendar Craft Book
Memory Makers Album Cover Idea Book! Craft Book
Mermaid Pajama Bag Crochet Directions Vintage Pattern
MERMAID Petal Pillow 24" Head to Tail
Merry Christmas Muffler Cross Stitch Pattern
Merry Christmas Pillow Cross Stitch Pattern
Merry Heart Boxes Cross Stitch Pattern
Merry Lights Earrings PC Pattern
Merry Little Tree Trims Craft Book
Merry Mish Mash Christmas Craft Book
Merry Redwork Book
Merry Tree-O Paint Book
Mery Holiday Bottles (McCall's Creates) Craft Book
Metallic Threads in PC Book
Michaels Create! 54 Great Crat Ideas Mag-Book
Michaels Create! Season of Style Craft Mag Book
Mile-A-Minute Afghans Book
Mile-A-Minute Aghans Crochet Book
Mile-A_Minute Collection Crochet Book
Mini Dolls Craft Book
Mini Moppers Craft Book
Mini Poms Galore Craft Book
Mini, Mcro & Wheat Craft Book
Mini-Bale Magic! Craft Book
Miniature Banners Cross Stitch Pattern
Miniature Slippers Baby ShoesBasket Bonnet Thread Vintage Croche
Mischief Mousies (McCall's Creates) Craft Book
Miss Muffet Crochet Pattern
Mistletoe & Magic Sign PC Pattern
Mix & Match Around the House Plastic Canvas Book
Mom & Company Book II Craft
Mom & Company Book One Craft
Mom's Answer Book/Tee Time Plastic Canvas Pattern
Mom's Gift Basket Crochet Book
Monday's Child Crochet Book
Monnogrammed Stocking Cross Stitch Pattern
Monogrammed Baby Set Cross Stitch Pattern
Moonstruck Paint Book
Mop & Yarn Dolls Craft Book
Mop & Yarn Dolls Too Craft Book
Mop Doll Delights Craft Book
Moppettes Country Mop Dolls Craft Book
Mopsy & Friends Craft Book
More Aran Afghans Crochet Book
More Chenille-Imals Craft Book
More Christmas Projects For Plastic Canvas Book
More Fairies, Florals Boxes & Frames Craft Book
More Fun Fashions Paint Book
More Holiday Magnets In Plastic Canvas Leaflet
More Mischief Makers Paint Book
More Ornamental Flags Plastic Canvas Book
Mosaic Crochet Throws Book
Mosaic Tissue Cover Plastic Canvas Book
Mother Goose Gang Crochet Book
Mother's Lullaby Crochet Pattern
Mountain Shirt and Wrap-A-Ho Vests
Mr Mrs Santa Stand PC Pattern
Mr Mrs Snowman PC Pattern
Mrs. C. & Twiggy Craft Book
Mrs. Claus 1992 Crochet Pattern
Mrs. Claus 1993 Crochet Pattern
Mrs. Putters Christmas Project Sheet
Muffler Monogram Cross Stitch Pattern
Mug Band Cross Stitch Pattern
Mugs, Mugs, Mugs PC Book
Multi Bears Baby Fabric
Mursery Bears In Plastic Canvas Book
Music Boxes Cross Stitch Pattern
Music Boxes for the Younge At Heart Paint Book
Musical Old World Santa Pattern
Musical Shelf Sitters PC Pattern
Musical Treasures You Can Make Craft Book
Must-Have Capes Knit/Crochet Book
My Adventure Scrapbook
My Favorites Paint Book
My First Pony Clock PC Pattern
Naptime Buddies & Blankets Book
Naptime Buddies & Blankets Crochet Book
Native American Baskets Crochet Books
Nativity PC Book
Nativity Scene Cross Stitch Pattern
Nativity Stockings Cross Stitch Pattern
Nativity Wreath PC Pattern
Natural Elegance
Naturals Four Easy Decorative Projects Craft Book
Needleform No Stitches Craft Book
New Engand Christmas Village Paint Book
Nifty Gift Totes
NightGown & Robe PC Fashion Doll
Nip & Tuk Magnets For Kids Craft Book
No Kidding Around Cross Stitch Pattern
No Sew Victorian Baskets Craft Book
No Sweat for Christmas Paint Book
No Sweat Iron On Designs Dinosaurs Paint Book
No Sweat Surf Designs Paint Book
No Sweat Tropical Designs Paint Book
No Sweat! Paint Book
No-Sew Albums For All Occasions Craft Book
No-Sew Calico Country Fun Craft Book
No-Sew Calico Country Style Craft Book
No-Sew Calico Craft Book
No-Sew Calico For the Nursery Craft Book
No-Sew Calico Sweet Expressions Craft Book
No-Worry Dolls For Wo
Noel Candlesticks Cross Stitch Pattern
Nora Bed Doll Crochet Pattern
North Pole Nick Cross Stitch Pattern
North Woods Nativity Craft Book
Northern Officer Crochet Pattern
Northern Rose Crochet Pattern
Northland Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Nothing to Sneeze At! PC Book
Number Pals Plastic Canvas Pattern
Nursery Bears Plastic Canvas Pattern
Nursery Rhymes PC Book
Nursery Soft Sculpture Craft Book
Nursery Soft Sculpture Sewing Book
Nursery Time Needlework On Plastic Canvas Book
Nutcracker Collection Crochet Book
Nutcracker Soldier Tissue Cover PC Pattern
Nutcrackers Cross Stitch Pattern
O Holy Night Nativity Crochet Book
Oatmeal Cookie Crochet Pattern
Offray Ribbons & Kids & Babies & Bows Project Book
Old Country Store Cross Stitch Book
Old Fashioned Carouse Horses Quilting Book
Old Fashioned Sewing Caddy Cross Stitch Pattern
Old St. Nick Crochet Pattern
Old Time Santa Ornaments Craft Book
Old Timey Magnets
Old World Ornaments Cross Stitch Pattern
Old World Santas Book
Olde World Santa & the Finisiest Angel Craft Leaflet
On a Silver Platter Cross Stitch Pattern
On Pins-n-Needles Quilting Book
On The Double Christmas Joy Book
On the Go Gabric Painting for Sports & Leisure Book
On The Wings of Eagles Cross Stitch Pattern
On This Your Day Craft Book
Once Upon A Time Dolls Crochet Book
One Line At A Time Craft Book
One Skein Kitchen Projects Crochet Book
Orange Marmalade Crochet Pattern
Orchard Urchins Crochet Book
Organizers Plastic Canvas Book
Original Crocheted Playthings Book
Original Crocheted Playthings V2 Book
Our Best 200 Magnets in Plastic Canvas Book
Out on a Limb Paint Book
Out West in Plastic Canvas Book
Outdoors Inside Crochet Book
Over the Door Toppers
Owl Applique 6 12Tall Vintage Crochet Pattern
Owl Caddy with 3 Small Owl Potholders Vintage Crochet Pattern
Owl Petal Pillow 26" Standing Vintage Sewing Pattern
Owl Petal Pillow Vintage Sew Pattern
Owl Pillow 16 Tall Vintage Crochet Pattern
P is for Popcorn Afghans Crochet Book
Paddy Paws & Friends Paint Book
Paint Techniques For Easy Stenciling Craft Book
Painted Magnetic Attractions Book
Painting Collection Craft Book
Painting Collection Life in the Country
Painting with Style On Purses Book
Pamper Yourself Crochet Book
Pansies In Bom In Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Panting With Style On Purses Craft Book
Paper & Ribbon Bows & Flowers Craft Book
Paper Bag Crafts Craft Book
Paper Casting A Begginers Guide Craft Book
Paper Decor Craft Book
Paper Delights Cross Stitch Pattern
Paper Layers Craft Book
Paper Leaf Decoration with Paper Napkins Craft Book
Paper Quilting Craft Book
Paper Ribbon A Year of Florals Craft Book
Paper Ribbon Bunny Seasons Craft Book
Paper Ribbon Christmas Lawn Greetings Craft Book
Paper Ribbon Country Dolls Craft Book
Paper Ribbon Country Dolls Craft Book
Paper Ribbon Flowers in Bloom Craft Book
Paper Ribbon Holiday Dolls Craft Book
Paper Ribbon Puffy Personalities Craft Book
Paper Ribbon Roly Poly Pals
Paper Ribbon Welcome Dolls
Paper Ribbons Collectible Paper Dolls Craft Book
Paper Ribbons Especially for Easter Craft Book
Paper, Glue, Scissors & You Craft Book
PapeRaffia Wreaths Craft Book/Leaflet
Papier Mache' Boxes "All Dressed Up" Craft Book
Parties' N Playthings
Party Baskets Plastic Canvas Pattern
Party Dolls Craft Book
Party People PC Book
Party Time Crochet Pattern
Party Wreaths Craft Book
Pastel Elegance Cross Stitch Pattern
Patches Paint Book
Patches Volume II Paint Book
Patchwork Potholders
Patchwork Puff Pillows Vintage Sewing Pattern
Patchwork Turtle Pillow 20" Vintage Sew Pattern
Patio & Home Decor with Envirotex Craft Book
Patio & Porch Doilies Crochet Book
Patio Coasters Plastic Canvas Pattern
Patriotic Pride Crochet Book
Pattern-Play Crochet Book
PC Musical Ferris Wheel Pattern
PC Sleigh, Scarf Hat Fashion Doll Crochet Pattern
PC Southwest Tissue Covers Book
PC4485 Child Slippers Sm, Med, Lg Sizes Slippers Vintage Crochet
Peace on Earth Cross Stitch Pattern
Peach Blossom Crochet Pattern
Pearls in the Snow
Pearls of Paint Book
Penguin Party Basket PC Pattern
Penguin Petal Pillow 22" Vintage Sew Pattern
Percival Penguin PC Pattern
Perfect Pals Sewing Book
Perforated Paper Ornaments Cross Stitch Pattern
Personal Best Fashion Mongrams Book
Personal Best Fashion Monograms Craft Book
Personal Elegance Embossed Monograms Craft Book
Personalize A-Z Craft Book
Pert Pup Puppy 14 Tall Vintage Sew Reprint Pattern
Pet Pals Dog Cat/Crayons Plastic Canvas Pattern
Petal People (McCall's Creates)
Petal Porcelain Fashion Jewerlry Craft Book
Petal Porcelain Flower & Fruit Varieties Craft Book
Petal Porcelain A Beginners's Guide Craft Book
Petal Porcelain Ceramic Decor Craft Book
Petal soft Baby Afghans Crochet Book
Petting Zoo Crochet Book
Photo Bragsters PC Book
Photo Frames PC Book
Picks Picks Picks Craft Book
Picnic Pals Crochet Pattern
Picture Perfect PC Book
Pigtails and Primitives Paint Book
Pigtails and Primitives Vol 3 Paint Book
Pigtails and Primitives Vol 4 Paint Book
Piles of Pillows
Pillow Fine Sewing Pattern Craft Book
Pillow Parade Craft Book
Pillows, Pillows, Pillows
Pine Needle Pilllows Cross Stitch Pattern
Pineapple Accents Crochet Book
Pineapple Afghans Crochet Book
Pineapple Bedroom Crochet Book
PineApple Boudoir Crochet Book
Pineapple Elegance Crochet Book
Pineapple Fashion Accents Crochet Book
Pink Lemonade Crochet Pattern
Pink Quilted Butterfly duck bootie Fabric
Pins & EGGS Craft Book
Pins-N-Patches Craft Book
Pirate Crochet Pattern
Place Mats & Hot Pads Crocht Book
Placemats Craft Book
Plant Pokes Plastic Canvas Book
Plaques & Clocks Paint Book
Plaster Frames For All Occasions Craft Book
Plastic Canvas Cats Book
Plastic Canvas Mug Mats Book
Plastic Canvas Sculptured Birds
Plastic Canvas Under the Big Top Baby Set Book
Plastic Canvas Victorian Angels Leaflet
Plastic Fun Craft Book
Plastic Is Fun Craft Book
Plastic Treasures PC Book
Play Pals Pom-Poms
Play Shoes Plus II
Playful Coin Banks Plastic Canvas Book
Playful Pom-Pom Decor
Playland Pillowcases Cross Stitch Pattern
Playmates: Soft Fabric Dolls
Playtime Animal Pals Book
Playtime Pals Book
Playtime Places PC Book
Plum Creek Collectibles Book
Plum Preserves Crochet Pattern
Plush Pelt Playmates
Pocket Monogram Cross Stitch Pattern
Poinsettia Decor Crochet Book
Poinsettia Welcome Sign Cross Stitch Pattern
Poinsettia Wreath PC Pattern
Polar Bear Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Polish Star Christmas Crochet Book
Polish Stars Crochet Book
Polly, Put The Kettle On Crochet Pattern
Pom Pom Playtings Craft Book
Pom Poms and Chenille Craft Book
Pom Poms and Chenille Miniature Menagerie Craft Book
Pomestic Pleasures Tray of Cookies PC Fashion Doll
Pompom Crafts Book
Ponchos to Knit and Crochet Book
Poodle Toy Dog with Beret 11"x18" Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
Pooh So-Quick Long Stitch PC Book
Poppes Moppies Craft Book
Porcelain DollCross Stitch Pattern
Porcelainns & Pals Book
Porch Pals Paint Book
Posy Flower Pillows Puff Patches 18" Across Vintage Sewing Patte
Potpourri & Lace Craft Book
Potpourri Balls Cross Stitch Pattern
Potpourri Boutique Crochet Book
Potpourri Sleigh Plastic Canvas Pattern
Potpurri Pretties Craft Book
Powder Room Angels Crochet Book
Prairie Playmates Paint Book
Precios Moments Baby Dolls & Afghans Book
Precious Baby Booties Crochet Book
Precious Pals Book
Pressed Flower Primer Craft Book
Pressed Paper Pretties Craft Book
Pretty as a Picture Filet Afghans Crochet
Pretty In Plastic (McCall's Crates) Craft Book
Pretty in Ponchos Crochet Book
Pretty Pansies/Grapes Plastic Canvas Pattern
Pretty PaperImpressions Craft Book
Pretty Pincushion Cross Stitch Pattern
Pretty Pinecones PC Pattern
Pretty Playthings Book
Pretty Posies Crochet Book
Pretty Tops in thread Crochet Book
PrincessLittle Mountain Pattern
Projects For Baby In Plastic Canvas Book
Pudgy Potpourri Thread Angels Crochet Book
Puff Christmas Wreath 17 Across and Tree 15 Tall Vintage Sewing
Puff Stitch Scarf& Hat Crochet Book
Puffy Shaped and Sizzles, too Craft Book
Pumpkin Party Plastic Canvas Book
Punch Embroidery Craft Book
Punched Fabric Crochet Book
Puppet Pals 16 Fur Friends Craft Book
Puppy Love Crocht Book
Puppy Pillow 18 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
Puppy Time Plastic Canvas Pattern
Puppy, Bunny Rabbit, Pony, Kitten Vintage Sewing Pattern
Pure Puffery Craft Book
Purple Passion Hearts PC Pattern
Purr Sonality Cats Book
Purse Accessories For Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Purse Panache! Crochet Book
Queeen of Jewels
Queen Of Gold Crochet Pattern
Queen Of Hearts Crochet Pattern
Queen Of Pearls Crochet Pattern
Queen Of Silver Crochet Pattern
Quick & Easy Angels
Quick & Easy Decoupage Photo Frames Craft Book
Quick & Easy Gifts Craft Book
Quick and Easy Floral Decor Craft Book
Quick and Easy Lil Bit Dolls Craft Book/Leaflet
Quick as a Wink PC Book
Quick Count Stacked Tile Boxes Plastic Canvas Book
Quick Cover Coaster Sets PC Book
Quick Crochet Tree Skirts Crochet Book
Quick Kitchen Sets PC Book
Quick Stitching with Felt For Special Occasions Craft Book
Quick to Stitch Shrugs Crochet Book
Quick to Stitch Side to side Fashions Crochet Book
Quick-Crafting Christmas Ornaments & Gifts Book
Quiet Moment Afghans Crochet Book
Quilt Applique Afghans Crochet Book
Quilt Block Trivets PC Book
Quilt Patterned Box Cross Stitch Pattern
Quilt-Style Crochet Throws Crochet Book
Quilted & Soft Sculpture Houses
Quilted Fabric Baskets & Dolls Quilting Book
Quilted Snow Friends Quilting Book
Rachel Crochet Pattern
Rachel Crochet Pattern
Raffia Riot Craft Book
Raffia To Rave About
Raffia, Ribbons & Wreaths Craft Book
Rag Rug Quilts Plastic Canvas Book
Rain Bow Chasers Honeyville Hollow Sewing Book
Rainbow Baby Afghans Crochet Book
Rainbow Girl Patten
Rainbow Wear For Baby Crochet Book
Rainbows In Toyland Book
Rainbows in Toyland Craft Book
Ready-to-Make Freames Craft Book
Rebbeca Crochet Pattern
Recycle IT! Crochet Craft Book
Recycled Bottle Tops PC Book
Red, White & Blue Afghans Crochet Book
Red, White & Blue Celebrations Crochet Book
Reflections of Spring Cross Stitch Pattern
Reindeer Rascals Craft Book
Reindeer Rascals Paint Book
Reindeer Sign PC Pattern
Retro Fun For Kids Craft Book
Reversible Pocket Scarf & Hat Crochet Book
Reversible Ruffles Doll Dress Book
Reversible Tapestry Hot Pads Crochet Book
Ribbon Embroidery Craft Book
Ribbon Magic Craft Book
Ribbon Tree Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Ribbon Tree Skirt Cross Stitch Pattern
Ribbon Wreaths and Candlerings Craft Book
RibbonCrafts Book
Ribbons & Lace Soft Christmas Ornaments Sewing Book
Ribbons and Roses Craft Book
Ribbons Trims Craft Book
ripple Afghans Crochet Book
ripple Afghans on the Double Book
Rock-A-Bye Wraps Crochet Book
Rock-A-Bye Wraps Crochet Book
Rock-A-Bye Wraps Crochet Book 2
Rockin Roll-Stitch Afghans Crochet Book
Rocking Horse Boutique
Rolling-pins Galore Craft Book/Leaflet
Roly Poly Santa Cross Stitch Pattern
Romantic Collectibles Wood Accessories Craft Book
Rooster and Hen Appliqued Potholders Vintage Sew Pattern
Rooster, Chick, Humpty Dumpty Toys Sew Pattern
Rose Garden Plastic Canvas Book
Rose Pansy Felt Applique Pillow Tops Vintage Sew Pattern
Rose Pansy Felt Applique Pillow Tops Vintage Sew Pattern
Rose Tea Cozy Crochet Pattern
Rosebud Bath Set
Roses & Ribbons
Roses In Bloom In Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Royal Ripples Crochet Book
Running Bear Crochet Pattern
Rustic Lodge Containers PC Pattern
S.O.L Collection Paint Book
S14-2 Elephant 9x8 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
S14-3 Horse 12x6" 12" Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
S14-5 Bunny 5x11 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
S14-7 Penguin 3 12x9 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
S14-7 Pig 3 12x11 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
S14-8 Kangaroo 12x11 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
Sachets n Fridgies Crochet Book
Safari Friends Book
Sailing Sailing Cross Stitch Pattern
Sample Stitches Totebag PC Book
Sampler Sewing Basket Cross Stitch Pattern
Samplers PC Book
Santa and his Reindeer Cross Stitch Pattern
Santa and Me Cross Stitch Pattern
Santa Basket PC Pattern
Santa Card Holder Cross Stitch Pattern
Santa Centerpiece Crochet Book
Santa Claus Coasters Plastic Canvas Pattern
Santa Claus FC Crochet Pattern
Santa Claus Pattern
Santa Clause No Seam Crochet Pattern
Santa Face Chart Only PC Pattern
Santa Line-Up PC Book
Santa On Cow, Old Santas PC Pattern
Santa Sack Cross Stitch Pattern
Santa Stop Plastic Canvas Book
Santa's Craft Cottage Book
Santa's Meowy Cat Christmas PC Pattern
Santa's Wish Cross Stitch Pattern
Santa's Workshop Cross Stitch Pattern
Santa's WorkShop Treasures Craft Book
Santas & Friends PC Book
Sarah Bed Doll Pattern
Scarf 12 x 45 & Tam 10 Vintage Sewing Pattern
Scarves with Attitude Crochet Book
Scented Sweeties I Crochet Pattern
Scents Of Spring Dolls Book
Scentsational Sachets Crochet Book
Schedule I Sassy Craft Book
Schoolday Sweatheart Crochet Book
Schoolhouse Notepad Holder Plastic Canvas Pattern
Scottish Lass KNIT Pattern
Scrap Fashions Crochet Book
Scrap Granny Crochet Book
Scrapbooks & Memory Albums Craft Book
Scrapboook for Rubber Stampers Craft Book
Sea Art Designs Craft Book
Sea Shore Jewelry PC Leaflet
Sea Side Magnets PC Book
SeaMist Mermaids
Seaside Cottage Afghans Crochet Book
Season's Greetings Cards Cross Stitch Pattern
Seasonal Coasters Plastic Canvas Book
Seasonal Snowglobes PC Book
Seasons of Love Crochet Book
Seasons of Sun Florals
Seasons Of The Heart Craft Book
Seasons of the Heart Paint Book
Seat YOurself 12 Easy Corded Chair Projects Craft Book
Senor Santa Claus Plastic Canvas Book
Sensational Chenille Crochet Book
Serendipity With Ribbons & Flowers Craft Book
Serendipity With Ribbons & Flowers Craft Quilting Book
Serge SMart
Sew "NStuff Novelties Book
Sew It in a Weekend Book
Sew It Soft Quilt Book
Sew-Simple Christmas Applique Quilting Sewing Book
Sewing For Keeps (McCall's Creates) Craft Book
Sewing Hen 20 WideVintage Sewing Pattern
Shadow Applique Teddies Quiting Book
Shadow Box Still Life Cross Stitch Pattern
Shake, Shake, Shake Dice Plastic Canvas Pattern
Shaper Paper Bows Craft Book
Shelf Magic
Shelf Sitters PC Book
Sherbert Ice Crochet Pattern
Shh! Door Sign/Baby Boutique Plastic Canvas Pattern
Siamese Kitty Cat PC Pattern
Signmaker Painted Wood Book
Signs of the Times Paint Book
Silk Flowers Sweat Jackets Paint Book
Silk Flowers Sweat Jackets Quilting Book
Silk Painting Comes of Age Book
Silk Ribbon & Felt Craft Book
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Craft Book
Silk Ribbon Weddings Ribbon Embroidery Craft Book
Silver Bells Placemat Tree PC Pattern
Simple Cewel Embroidery Book
Simplicity "Door Charmers For All Seasons" Quilting Book
Simplicity Floral Centerpieces Craft Book
Simply Delightful Doilies Crochet Book
Simply Elegant Paint Book
Simply Embossed Frameable Art Book
Simply Great Style Fashion Stenciling Book
Simply Keepsake Craft Book
Simply Personal Best Fashion Monograms Craft Book
Simply Silk Paint Book
Simply Slated Paint Book
Simply Southwest Fashion Stenciling Book
Sitting Pretty Windsocks PC Book
Skill Stick Fun Craft Book
Slates Sampler Craft Book
Sleepy Bear Baby Set Quilting Book
Sleepy Puppy Vintage Sew Pattern
Sleepy Santa Paint Book
Sleigh Ride Mugs/Socking Frame Orni Plastic Canvas Pattern
Slipper Socks For Kids Crochet Book
Slippers! Crochet Book
Small & Sassy Purses Crochet Book
Small folk Quilters Quilting Book
Snappy Scrappy Jackets Crochet Book
Snazzy Suspenders Cross Stitch Pattern
Snoozie Kitten Cat 12 Long Vintage Sew Pattern
Snow Folk Crochet Book
Snow Kids PC Book
Snowball Wreath Cross Stitch Pattern
Snowflake Ornaments Cross Stitch Patterns
snowflake Sweatshirt Cross Stitch Pattern
Snowflakes &Angels Crochet Book
Snowman Basket PC Pattern
SnowMan Christmas Plastic Canvas Book
Snowman Manger Sign PC Pattern
Snowman Stars PC Pattern
Snowmen Snow flakes & Candy Canes PC Book
Snowy Evergreen Tree PC Pattern
So Pretty PineApple Afghans Crochet Book
Sock Bunnies Christmas Edition Craft Book
Sock Dolls
Sock Monkeys Book
Sockhappy Snowment Sewing Book
Soft & Easy Fantasy Florals in Actrylics Paint Book
Soft & Pastel Painted Collectables Book
Soft Blocks Cross Stitch Pattern
Soft Country Plunkettes
Soft Cover Editions Quilting Craft Book
Soft Dolls to Make Sewing Book
Soft Sculp Creature B1 Sewing Book
Soft Sculpture Blossom Babies Book
Soft Sculpture Dolls Sewing Book
Soft Sculpture Playthings Sewing Doll Book
Soft Socks Dolls Sewing Book
Soft Touch Kitchen Originals
Soft Touch Kitchen Originals Craft Book
Soft-N-Easy Designs #1 Paint Book
Something Fishy/Violets Tissue Cover Plastic Canvas Pattern
Something For Every Birdie Plastic Canvas Book
Something Special Wreaths Craft Book
Something Special Wreaths for Christmas
Something to Crow About PC Book
Songbird Coasters Plastic Canvas Pattern
Southern Belle Bath Tissue Cover PC Pattern
Southern General
Southwest Bath Collections PC Book
Southwest Ripples Crochet Book
Southwest Ripples Crochet Book
Southwestern Accents Plastic Canvas Pattern
Spanish Famenco Crochet Dress Pattern
Special Day Bookmarks Crochet Book
Special Occasion Gift Bags Plastic Canvas Book
Special Stitches Dishcloths Books
Special Stitches Dishcloths Crochenit Book
Special Stitches Place Settings Crochet Book
Special Techhniques n Stitches Afghans Crochet Book
Spectacular Polish Stars Crochet Book
Speedy Tweeds Crochet Book
Spindle Tops Craft Book
Sponge Painting Book
Spoomful of Fun Craft Book
Spring & Summer Wedding Flowers Craft Book
Spring Garden Lace Crochet Book
Spring Splendor Paint Book
Springtime In Paris PC Fashion Doll
springtime Tableclotch Crochet Book
Springtime Topiaries Crochet Book
Squirrel n Acron PC Pattern
St Patrick's Pins/Hanukkah Lights Plastic Canvas Pattern
Stained Glass Tote Bag PC Pattern
Stained Glass Window Cross Stitch Pattern
Stamp a Keeper Rubber Stamp Craft Book
Stamp Art Craft Book
Stencil Decor Colonial Village Stenciling Book
Stencil Decor Petite & Sweet Stenciling Craft Book
Stencil Decor That Special Little Something Craft Book
Stencil It Simply Paint Book
Stencil Time Vol. I Paint Book
Stencil Time Vol. II Paint Book
Stencil Time Vol. III Paint Book
Stenciled Gifts & Memories Paint Book
Stenciling Basics Book
Stenciling with Alphabets Craft Book
Steppin' Out! Paint Book
Stepping Out Vests Paint Book
Stitchers Magnets/Farm Folk Plastic Canvas Pattern
Stocking Frame Ornaments Plastic Canvas Pattern
Stocking Medley Cross Stitch Pattern
Stocking Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Stockings With Style
Storybook Classics Book
Storytime Nursery 2 PC Book
Strawberry Delights Plastic Canvas Pattern
Strawberry Shortcake Fraisinette Crochet Book
Strip-a-Day Afghans Crochet Book
Stripes & Squares Booties Sole 2-3 1/2" Crochet Pattern
Studs & Stones
Stylish Vests to Stencil & Quilt
Subtle Shades Crochet Book
Success With Markers
Sugar Bunnies Book
Summer Fun Magnets Plastic Canvas Pattern
Summer Gardens-Gibson Girl PC Fashion Doll Pattern
Summer Sensations Crochet Book
Sun and Moon PC Book
Sunbonnet Girl Potholders Vintage Sewing Pattern
Sunbonnet Quilt Single Double Size Instructions Vintage Sewing P
SunBonnet Sweatshirts
Sundae Angels Book
Sunday Best Seetheart Dolls Book
SunFlower Santa (McCall's Creates)
Sunny Day Dresses Crochet Book
Super Crochet Wonderful, Crochet Books
Sweaters Squared Crochet Book
Sweatshirt Alert Pant Book
Sweatshirt Boutique Paint Book
Sweet Baby Bears Book
Sweet Cents Air Freshener Dolls Book
Sweet Dreams & easy living Craft Book
Sweet Ladies Book 606
Sweet Little Mile-A-Minutes Crochet Book
Sweet Pea Chronicles Craft Book
Sweet Peas Soft Sculpture Book
Sweetheart Baby Collection Crochet Book
Sweetheart Birds Plastic Canvas Book
Sweetheart Doll Crochet Pattern
Sweetheart Pictures Cross Stitch Pattern
Swing in the Season Cross Stitch Pattern
Swiss Miss KNIT Patten
T Shirt Dresses n Access Crochet Book
Tabbies of Olde Quilt Book
Tabitha Crochet Pattern
Tablecloths in Half the Time Crochet Book
Tabletop Florals Craft Book
Tabletop Townscape Cross Stitch Pattern
Talk Blocks & more Paint Book
Talk Blocks and More vol 3 Paint Book
Talk Blocks Cristmas Edition Paint Book
Tapestry Basket 3 3/4" Crochet Pattern
Tapestry Pillows Cross Stitch Pattern
Tasseled Beth Set Crochet Book
Tassled Trimmings Cross Stitch Pattern
Te Best Apron Book ever
Tea Ball Ornaments Craft Book
Tea Cozy Doll Vintage Crochet Pattern
Tea Rose Treasures Crochet Book
Teach Me to Long Stitch PC Book
Teach Yourself The Basics Bows Craft Book
Teacher's Guide Plaster Crafting Book
Tech Cozies Crochet Book
Teddy Bear & Friends Book
Teddy Bear 14 Tall Vintage Sew Pattern
Teddy Bear Hassock Cross Stitch Pattern
Teddy Noel Cross Stitch Book
Teddy Twins (McCall's) Craft Book
Tee Time! Plastic Canvas Pattern
Tees 'N' You With Shirts and Gifts Paint Book
Terrific Textures Craft Book
Terrific Totes Crocht Book
Terryspun Pets Book
the Added Touch II Craft Book
The Added Touch II With Folk Art Painting Book
The Babys Room Crochet Book
The Babys Room Crochet Book
The Best of Overall Bill Quilt Book
The Bitsy Kids Sewing Book
The Bow Book Craft Book
The Bride 11" Mini Doll Crochet Pattern
The Checkerboard Collection Bunnies and Friends
the Chenille Baby Crochet Book
The Clothes Lines III Paint Book
The Creative Way Hug A Bodies Book 1
The Fire Brigade Cross Stitch Pattern
the Frame Shop Craft Book
The Friendly Kingdom Book
The Fun Art of Stenciling Vol 2 Gotch Covered Paint BK
The fun Art of Stenciling, Vol.1 Book
The fun Art of Stenciling, Vol.2 Paint Book
The fun Art of Stenciling, Vol.3 Paint Book
The Garden Touch Folk Art Painting Book
The Great Watercolor Frame Up Paint Book
The Holiday House Craft Book
The Joy of Crochet Dolls
The Last Supper Wall Panel Vintage Thread Crochet Pattern
The Lavender Patch
The Lavender Patch
The Lord's Prayer Wall Panel Vintage Thread Crochet Pattern
The Official Funny Baby Book
The Original Doll Baby
The Original Doll Baby Book 2
The Place Mate Purse Book
the Pr4imitive Rusty Tin Book
The Scrap Savers Solution Book
The Sheperdess Cross Stitch Book
The Skater Cross Stitch Pattern
The Sky's The Limit Sweats Craft Book
The Skys the Limit Sweats Paint Book
the Stargazer Cross Stitch Book
The Three Bears
The Ultimate Doily Crochet Book
The Wise Men/Stained Glass Orni Plastic Canvas Pattern
The Woodcutter Cross Stitch Pattern
Three Hats to Crochet Book
Thrift Shop Vests Paint Book
Throws to Warm You Crochet Book
Tie One On Paint Book
Timeless Doilies Book
timeless Doilies Tatting Book
Timeless Textured Afghans Crochet Book
Tin Punch Book Craft
Tin-Toques Craft Book
Tiny Baskets Cross Stitch Pattern
Tiny Tot Trimmings Cross Stitch Pattern
Tiny Treasures Booties Hat 0-6 Crochet Pattern
Tiny Tuck-ins Craft Book
Tip Top Afghans Crochet Book
Tip Top Snowmen (McCall's Creates)
Tis The Season Iron-on Transfer Designs Paint Book
Tissue Box Boutique PC Book
Tissue box Bunny Cross Stitch Pattern
Tissue Box Dolls in Plastic Canvas Book
Tissue Box Elegance Plastic Canvas Book
Tissue Cover Girls Book
Tissue Toppers Plastic Canvas Book
to Grandmother's House We Go Crochet Book
Toaster Cover Doll Vintage Sew Pattern
toddler Time M-A-M Afghans Crochet Book
Toe Warming Afghans Crochet Book
Tolin Tin Paint Book
Top Down Sweaters to Crochet Book
Top it off Crochet Book
Tote Bag Doll Face Vintage Sewing Pattern
Totes & Purses Plastic Canvas Book
Touch Of Gold Desk Set PC Book
Touched By Nature Crochet Book
Touched By Nature Crochet Book
Towel Edgings Crochet Book
Towel Toppers Around the Home PC Book
Toyland Stocking Cross Stitch Pattern
Toyland Tree Skirt Cross Stitch Pattern
Toys & Totes PC Book
Traditional Stencil Paint Book
Trains! Trains! Trains! PC Book
Treasure box Cross Stitch Pattern
Treasure Boxes Plastic Canvas Book
Treasured Memories Paint Book
Treasured Memories V Paint Book
Treasured Trimmings Paint Book
Tree of Angels Cross Stitch Pattern
Tree Skirts & Stockings Book
Treetop Angel Cross Stitch Pattern
Trendy Boutique Crochet Book
Trim the Tree Crochet Book
Trio of Santas Cross Stitch Pattern
Troll Fashions Book
Tropical Fish Tales Cross Stitch Book
Tropical Magnets in Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Tumble Weeds Book Three Paint
Tumble Weeds Paint Book
Tummy Ticklers PC Book
Turkey Day Fun PC Book
Turkey Time Plastic Canvas Pattern
Turn of the Century Bride 11 1/2" Fashion Doll Pattern
Turtle Cushion Vintage Sewing Pattern Have one to sell?Sell i
Turtle Pajama Bag or Hassock Vintage Sew Pattern
Turtle Petal Pillow 13x18" Vintage Sew Pattern
Turtle Sleeping Bag 34 x 67 Vintage Sew Pattern
Tuxedo Chic Paint Book
Twice as Nice Paint Book
Twilight Teddy Tote PC Pattern
Twinkle Star Pattern
Twinkle Toes Paint Book
Twisted Classics Quilting Book
Two Dozen and One Scrunchies Crochet Book
Two for the Books Cross Stitch Pattern
Two from Toyland Cross Stitch Pattern
Ultimate Book of Kid's Afghans Crochet Book
Ultimate Book of Scrap Afghans
Ultimate Book of Tattied Dolies
Ultimate Christmas Crochet Book
Ultimate Ponchos Crochet Book
Unicorn Beaded Dress Snow Princess Fashion Doll Pattern
Upside Down Vests Paint Book
Vacation Memories Album Cover Plastic Canvas Pattern
Vanessa Crochet Pattern
Vanity Set Cross Stitch Pattern
Variegated Aghans Crochet Book
Veggie Fridgies Plastic Canvas Book
Very Victorian Magnets Plastic Canvas Pattern
Vests Made Easy Crochet Book
Vests N Acccessories Paint Book
Victian Crochet Book
Victoiran Ornaments Cross Stitch Pattern
Victorian Beauties Crochet Book
Victorian Bride Crochet Pattern
Victorian Broom Dolls Book
Victorian Cornucopias Cross Stitch Pattern
Victorian Cross Crochet Book
Victorian Dollies Book
Victorian Fan PC Pattern
Victorian Fashions Book
Victorian Filigree Alphabet PC Book
Victorian fruit &Flower Pillows Crochet Book
Victorian Groom Crochet Pattern
Victorian Ladies Book
Victorian Ladies Dolls Book
Victorian Lady Crochet Pattern
Victorian Lady Trinket Box Book
Victorian Magnets In Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Victorian Mosegays In Plastic Canvas Leaflet
Victorian Ornaments PC Pattern
Victorian Pins Crochet Book
Victorian Pins Crochet Book
Victorian Rose Accessories PC Book
Victorian Rub
Victorian Sentiments PC Book
Victorian Shoe Crochet Book
Victorian Stocking Cross Stitch Pattern
Victorian Sweet Heart Wreath Book
Victorian Totes II Plastic Canvas Book
Victorian Vests Quilted & Decorated Book
Victorian Vests Quiltied & Decorated Book
Vintage Santa Face Apron Vintage Sewing Pattern
Vintage Violets Plastic Canvas Pattern
Warmest Witches To You Book
Washday Inspiration Plastic Canvas Pattern
Watch Me Grow Pals Plastic Canvas Book
Watercolored Fashions Paint Book
Watermelon Basket 8x13" W Crochet Pattern
We Three Kings PC Pattern
Wedding Cake Top - 7-1/2" tall PC Pattern
Wee Floral Wraps & Pillows Crochet Book
Weekend in Provence Quilt Book
Weekend Ponchos Wear Crochet Book
Weesome Threesome Cross Stitch Pattern
Welcom Winter wondrful Wearables Crochet Book
Western Grandpa Patten
Whales Song Cross Stitch Book
Whales Song Cross Stitch Book
What's For Lunch? MagnetsPlastic Canvas Pattern
wheelchair Lafrghans Crochet Book
Whimsical Weights PC Book
Whimsical Windchimes Crochet Book
White Christmas Stocking Cross Stitch Pattern
Wiggly Crochet Rugs Book
Wild Hares Paint Book
Windchimes Plastic Canvas Book
Windchimes Plastic Canvas Book
Windmills Plastic Canvas Book
Window Chalking Craft Book
Window Watchers Plastic Canvas Book
Winter Afghan Cross Stitch Pattern
Winter Candle Cover & Doily Crochet Pattern
Winter Wizard PC Pattern
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland Screen Cross Stitch Pattern
Wire & Bead Crochet Wonders Book
With Hearts of Thanksgiving Picture Cross Stitch Book
Wonderful Mile-a-Minute Afghans Crochet Book
Wood n Fashion Paint Book
Workshop Santa Crochet Pattern
Wrapped In Love Crochet Book
Wreath for All Occasions Cross Stitch Pattern
Wreath Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
Wreath-A-Rama Plastic Canvas Book
Wrought Iron Trivets Crochet Book
Yarn Puppy Vintage Pattern
Ye Olde Stockings Cross Stitch Pattern
Year-Round Table Runner Crochet Book
Yellow Animal Quilted Fabric
Yo Yo Puppy Vintage Sew Pattern
Yo Yo Square 15 Hexagon 17 Pillow Vintage Sew Pattern
Yo Yo The Clown Vintage Sewing Pattern
Your Special Day Plastic Canvas Book
Yuletide Stocking Cross Stitch Pattern

Classic White Afghans Crochet Book

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